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Chronological list of papers (etc.) by Ian J. Thompson (www.ianthompson.org)
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Journals & Book Chapters

  1. Two Ways of Looking at Time, Cogito 1 (Jan 1987) 4-6, jnl, pdf, html.
  2. The Nature of Substance, Cogito, 2 (1988) 17-19, jnl, pdf, html.
  3. Swedenborg and Modern Science, Network, 36 (1988) 3-8, pdf, html.
  4. Real Dispositions in the Physical World, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, 39 (1988) 67-79, jstor, pdf and html.
  5. The Consistency Of Physical Law With Divine Immanence, Science & Christian Belief 5 (1993) 19-36, html, pdf.
  6. Are Quantum Physics and Spirituality related?, New Philosophy, 107 (2002)  333-355, html, pdf.
  7. Discrete Degrees Within and Between Nature and Mind, 2008, html, pdf (a book chapter: Google books)
  8. Derivative Dispositions and Multiple Generative Levels, 2011, in M. Suárez (ed.), Probabilities, Causes, and Propensities in Physics, Synthese Library, Springer, html, pdf. (see Google books)
  9. Quantum mechanics and consciousness: Thoughts on a causal correspondence theory, 2017, in S. Gosh et al (eds), Quantum Physics & Consciousness - Thoughts of Founding Fathers of Quantum Physics and other Renowned Scholars",  Bhaktivedanta Institute, Kolkata, html, pdf.

Online only

  1. Process Theory and the Concept of Substance, 1990, html.
  2. Layered Cognitive Networks, 1990, html.
  3. Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness: A Causal Correspondence Theory, 1990, html.
  4. Dualism in Descartes and Swedenborg, 2004, draft html.
  5. Pragmatic Ontology: Identifying Propensity as Substance, 2004, draft html.
  6. Power and Substance, 2009, draft html.


Philosophy of Nature and Quantum Reality,  1993, html, buy book.

Starting Science From God, 2011. Website for the book.

alongside (of course) many publications in theoretical nuclear physics.


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